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Forvo launches new video section

Now there are even more ways to learn how to pronounce on Forvo! With the launch of our new video section we aim to provide a complimentary service to our already extensive database of audio pronunciations. Initially available in...

February 15, 2016


Bowie, Snape and Saoirse trending on Forvo

Forvo is such a fantastic tool for language learners that it's often easy to overlook its usefulness as a way of measuring the impact of breaking news as events unfurl across the globe. The week started with the terrible news of...

January 15, 2016


Most pronounced words of 2015 on Forvo's annual list of the most requested pronunciations of the year is now out and it provides a fascinating insight into how we lived in 2015. Amongst the online pronunciation guide's lists this year we can see the global...

December 24, 2015


Phrases and Facebook

Hi Forvo fans, Some of you may have already noticed that we've added phrases to Forvo. We wanted to help put into context all the words you record on Forvo and improve the learning experience. In order to record a phrase you first have to...

November 13, 2015


Fashion Week 2015, Pronounced

At Forvo, we think everyone should be able to understand and be understood. As part of Forvo's redesign, we will soon be debuting a new feature that will allow users to create and share lists. So not only will users be able to hear and...

February 12, 2015

Top pronunciations of 2012

01. Tumblr 02. أمة الله 03. anything 04. Bon voyage 05. paonne 06. Děkuju 07. pretty 08. Technische Universität 09. spaghetti all'amatriciana 10. decadence

December 31, 2012

Top pronunciations in Japanese

1. Kawaii 2. arigato gozaimasu 3. hajimemashite 4. itadakimasu 5. Hiroshima 6. Subaru 7. konnichiwa 8. aishiteru 9. doraemon 10. Nigiri-zushi

April 6, 2010

Top pronunciations in Portuguese

1. Ronaldinho 2. João 3. Paulo Coelho 4. Rio de Janeiro 5. Paulo Freire 6. Caipirinha 7. Eu te amo 8. Merda 9. Saudade 10. Ronaldo

April 16, 2009

Top pronunciations in Italian

1. Ermenegildo Zegna 2. Gnocchi 3. Bvlgari 4. Lamborghini 5. Dolce & Gabbana 6. Versace 7. Moschino 8. Salvatore Ferragamo 9. Caprese 10. Bolognese

March 28, 2009

Top pronunciations in German

This time in German: 1. Gewehr 2. Arnold Schwarzenegger 3. Schadenfreude 4. Friedrich Nietzsche 5. Ich liebe dich! 6. Goethe 7. Porsche 8. Johann Pachelbel 9. Michael Schumacher 10. Beethoven

March 1, 2009

Top pronunciations in French

These are the 10 words most listened in Forvo: 1. Hermès 2. Je t'aime 3. Yves Saint Laurent 4. Peugeot 5. Carrefour 6. viognier 7. L'Occitane 8. Au revoir! 9. Louis Vuitton 10....

February 25, 2009

Sharing pronunciations

Many people don't know that forvo pronunciations are ready to be shared and posted in blogs like this. Follow up these steps: 1. Find the word you want to embed. In this example, the recently passed away designer Yves Saint Laurent...

June 14, 2008