Join Forvo at Atlantikaldia 2016!

September 12, 2016

We're delighted to announce our participation at the Atlantikaldia Festival in the Basque town of Errenteria on the 24th and 25th of September this year. We will be running a series of workshops which will allow you to discover all 339 languages on Forvo as well as giving you the opportunity to contribute to the world's largest online pronunciation guide.

Join us from 11am to 13pm on Saturday and Sunday to take part, with prizes on offer for those who help contribute to Forvo. We'll also be using the festival to present our minority language guides in Welsh, Basque, Frisian, Scottish Gaelic, Irish, Cornish and Galician. These mini audio dictionaries have been created in collaboration with Tosta, a project which aims to promote the minority languages of Europe’s Atlantic coast.


We hope these guides will help you to discover and learn the rich cultural and linguistic heritages of these languages. Atlantikaldia was first held in 2014 with the aim of becoming a meeting point for the peoples of the Atlantic, with a particular focus on music and culture. This third edition comes with a more ambitious goal: to turn a town of the Atlantic, Errenteria, into a meeting place for cultures around the world.

Check out the full programme of activities and performances here. We look forward to seeing you!